Three Benefits of Getting a Massage During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can take a major toll on a woman’s body. Weight increases, causing a lot of extra tension on parts of the body that may have never experienced it before. The use of pregnancy massage offers numerous benefits to women, as it can help relieve this tension and allow the body to relax.

What Is Pregnancy Massage?

Pregnancy massage refers to any type of massage a pregnant woman receives. It works to relieve tension in the muscles and lymphatic drainage help women relax. It can even work to improve sleep, which is something most pregnant women lack, particularly in the last trimester. The massage is often performed with a woman on her side, rather than laying on the stomach. The side is the most common position a woman sleeps in anyways, so performing the massage this way can help to improve her level of comfort and relieve the pressure felt in that area.

Benefits of Massage

There are at least four benefits woman can receive from a massage during pregnancy.

Improved Sleep

As was stated, sleep may be improved through the use of massage. This is because all the tension that has built up in the body is removed, causing muscles and joints to relax. While fully relaxed, it is far easier to fall asleep.

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Pressure Released

One of the biggest benefits women see is the pressure they have been feeling being released. This is especially true for the legs and hips, which are two common areas where growth occurs. With the baby growing and preparing for birth, a woman’s hips become stretched and widened. This can cause tremendous pressure and pain. Massaging this area works to release this pressure so no more pain is felt.

Increased Range in Motion

Women who do not stay active during pregnancy often have a harder time getting up and moving around. This is because the lack of movement causes increased tension in the body. Muscles tend to cramp up more and have spasms. Massage works to remove these cramps and help women gain an increased range in motion.

The type of pregnancy massage melbourne clinics provide works to improve a woman’s overall health during pregnancy. Pressure gets released, sleep becomes improved, and pain is eased. These are great benefits to experience during pregnancy, when so many changes are occurring in the body. These clinics not only handle massage during pregnancy, but also a carpal tunnel treatment and treatment for sciatica, each of which offers benefits of their own.

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